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Business & Contract Law

Legal issues permeate every aspect of business. They define the operational, tax, and regulatory environment of a business’s industry; dictate how businesses are bought, sold, organized, operated, and structured; inform business decisions to raise capital or to finance through debt; and establish obligations among business owners, employees, vendors, customers, and insurers. In this complex overlay, it is crucial for every business – no matter the size or maturity level – to work with sophisticated business counsel.

At Peace & Squires, we provide full-service representation and advise clients with all of their business needs through a company’s life cycle, including business entity selection, formation and financing, day to day contracting, vendor management, employment issues, restructuring ownership, acquisitions and dispositions, liquidation and exit, and corporate governance.

Our talented attorneys have well-honed skills in all legal aspects of business, including start-ups, various types of business structures, transactions, negotiations, and employment law. Whether you are ready to start a new business, restructure an existing one, negotiate a contract, draft a non-compete agreement, or deal with an employment law issue, Peace & Squires is here to provide our clients with premium legal representation focused on producing satisfactory results and smart and sensible legal solutions. 

Our suite of services include but are not limited to the following:


  • Establish a new business

  • Select a proper business entity

  • Select a proper tax classification

  • Form an LLC, corporation, partnerships, and joint ventures

  • Negotiate and manage vendor relationships

  • Acquire employer documents (EIN)

  • Draft and negotiate employee and contractor agreements

  • Prepare and negotiate licensing agreements

  • Develop website terms of use and privacy policies

  • Navigate through corporate governance

  • Prepare minutes to formalize significant decisions

  • Prepare documents for stock options or other equity grants

  • Facilitate the purchase of business or specific assets

  • Convert businesses to another business entity

  • File trademark and copyright registrations

  • Establish business policies to avoid disputes and misunderstandings

  • Prepare and file business, licensing, and permit documents with federal, state, and local government

  • Develop an exit and corporate dissolution

In addition to the above suite of services, we also provide General Counsel services subscription packages to startup and mature businesses. Please contact us to discuss pricing.


*No persons and/or entities in or related to the Pharmaceutical or Clinical Research industries will be served.*

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